Conversing with the Elephant – Paperback

Conversing with the Elephant – Paperback


Paperback – Meet Your New BFF. “If I tell you I’m concerned that my husband wears my stilettos and panties,…


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Paperback – Meet Your New BFF.

“If I tell you I’m concerned that my husband wears my stilettos and panties, and speaks with a German accent during sex, I don’t want to hear a mutual girlfriend ask, “How’s Helga, the Masochist?”

Don’t you just hate those awkward moments between friends, when fear of saying the wrong thing shuts your mouth?  Of course, you do – we’ve all been there, ignoring the obvious and hoping the ‘elephant in the room’ will disappear.  These encounters are a fact of life and if left unresolved can lead to heartache or confrontation.  Avoiding the issue, or pretending it doesn’t exist, is not the solution, however, honesty is.  Please, don’t distance yourself from your friends, embrace them and meet these challenges head on.

“Unless your job comes with a pole or you work at Hooters, no one in the workplace needs to see your tatas between the hours of 8am and 5pm.”

In Conversing with the Elephant the gloves are off, and there’s no holding back in this free-for-all of hard-hitting lessons for women of all ages.  Author Terricinia St. Clair offers up a flurry of quick jabs, before delivering tenacious right hooks…one after another, leaving no sensitive topic untouched and no ridiculous scenario unscathed.

“Girl, seriously? Your dude is gay! Is your “radar” completely broken or are you just shielding your eyes from those bright, red, slim fit pants he’s wearing? I’ve met more masculine seven-year-old girls.”

At its core, the guide’s principles are true and will help to build enduring, lifelong friendships.  Adopt a new attitude by reading Ms. St. Clair’s kick-ass tribute to your own best friend – without a doubt; you’ll recognize her in the pages of this hilarious offering.

As you might guess, no topic is taboo…and no taboo is off topic.