I’m Terricinia St. Clair, model/actor, sommelier, interior designer, writer, artist, entrepreneur, and veteran.  I’ve been blessed to have had so many career experiences and I must admit that of all of these careers, the modeling/acting has been the most fun and exciting! However, this mother of a lone teenager is far more than a model/actor, stretching her talents to include a new book, a dream career, and a vision to bless relationships using truth and humor. In my debut novel, Conversing with the Elephant, I tackle tough issues affecting female friendships; including sex, sensitive secrets, handling men, petty squabbles, and more.

I am represented by Liquid Talent in Richmond, Virginia and have expanded my career to better cover the east coast by joining the modeling teams of Marilyn’s Model and Talent Management of North Carolina ( handling projects in GA, NC, SC, TN) and Wilhelmina of PA.

Thank you for visiting terricinia.com. I look forward to working with you.

Blessings & Cheers!


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