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The gloves are off, and there’s no holding back in this free-for-all of hard hitting, back biting lessons for women of all ages.  Author Terricinia St. Clair offers up a flurry of quick jabs, before delivering tenacious right hooks…one after another, leaving no sensitive topic untouched and no ridiculous scenario unscathed from her insightful, sarcastic dissection of the ‘best friends forever’ phenomena. As you might guess, no topic is taboo…and no taboo is off topic.  Women will find this gem invaluable in making, keeping, and loving their friends.  Men, on the other hand, will finally have an opportunity to see into the mind of ‘real’ women: a venture into a twilight zone from which they may never return.

Yup, the truth’s gonna set you free, but first it’s gonna piss you off – to paraphrase Gloria Steinem.  Friendships make the world go round but they can also breed unhappiness, disappointment, grief and even tragedy, if not fostered with love and understanding.  Though this book is intended to be lighthearted and fun, it addresses the serious nature of how we treat one another, within the confines of devout friendships.  At its core, the guide’s principles are true and will help to build enduring, lifelong friendships when adhered to and embraced.


Val D. Parker

Somebody has to have the balls to be honest with your “you think you’re badd,” why not a girlfriend? Not just any girlfriend, but the ride or die chick who has your back (and vice versa). St. Clair writes about (conversationally speaking) the most obvious, yet delicate subjects with one-two punch responses that are given in love amd respect. This book is the first in a series, if not a TV show, that is branding St. Clair as the current relationship guru among girlfriends.


A Great Insight to Friendships – Even though I’m a man, I found Terricinia’s book enlightening. Many of the attitudes, relationships, and situations she expresses can be the same for guy’s. We just tend to brush them off or ignore them a little bit easier. I think every woman, especially young teens and 20 somethings should read and take to heart this book. Great book!!

Jacki Harris
The Possibilities Artist

Hilarious Read!  Fun! A very good and hilarious read! There were things that many know, but just needed to be reminded of as well as things that some need to be told. Such a cute concept to get a dialogue going. I think sending one to someone that needs to be “reminded” of a situation that’s inside is a great way to broach subjects that may be a little hard to confront someone about. I smiled a little, laughed a little and truly enjoyed this book!

Anonymous Amazon Customer

A humorous combination of tough love and sound practical advice. Raised in a conservative household, I was taught to smile and nod politely – to ignore the elephant in the living room – no matter how badly it smells! Be quiet, be respectful, and whatever you do don’t rock the boat. Long story short, Conversing with the Elephant quickly tips the boat over! A humorous combination of tough love and sound practical advice, Terricinia St. Clair tells it like it is. A great conversation starter to share with your friends, particularly the one still shaving and drawing on her eyebrows!


Conversing with the Elephant is a fun and entertaining book to read! A quick read that will make you laugh and reflect on many situations in your own life. The perfect gift for self and your girlfriends. A wonderful gift from the bride to all the bridesmaids. My best friend and I read it together and had a great time trying to figure out who in our lives apply to the scenarios. I am definitely ordering copies for my girlfriends.


Who gone check me boo type read… Terricinia definitely pulls you into her living room and has a “reality check” conversation about you and/or your friends??? While she hits hard with the discussion she uses her humor to soften the blow. Being an optimistic person I’m often looking for some balance between a hit and a hug. Definitely missed out on the hugs in this one but that’s why we’re talking to the Elephant right?

Paula A. Cropper

Five Stars!! Great book !!! Great conversation starters !!